Tenant-Centric Property Management
Unlock the potential of your people, processes, and business at scale
Retain Your Clients, Streamline Communication, and Reduce Costs

The influx of millennials into the workforce is going to massively impact the way tenants do business and consume real estate. Recruiting and retaining top talent will depend on tenants’ ability to offer more flexible, appealing, and connected workplaces.

Real estate owners will have to deepen relationships with and work with their tenants to address these changing needs for flexibility and increased options. Property managers also play a crucial role in that context, as they are the day-to-day points of contact between tenants and real estate owners. Unfortunately, many property managers do not have CRM systems in place that allow them to track and document these day-to-day interactions with their tenants, resulting in lost opportunities and increased downtime.

Tower360 allows real estate owners to become more tenant-centric by equipping their property managers with a platform to proactively manage renewals. This will allow real estate owners to increase renewal rates and increase profit.

Approval Processes
Streamline approval processes through Tower360’s approval workflow feature. This feature allows you, the owner, broker, or property manager, to have a single source for records, making it easier to evaluate and sign off on lease agreements.
Lease Contract Generator
Tower360’s lease contract generator allows you to generate lease drafts within minutes and manage revisions painlessly. You can draft commercial real estate leases with Tower360 and collaborate on letters of intent to close a signed lease.
Multi-App Strategy
Manage all your property management operations from your mobile device. Review updates and notifications. and schedule viewings on the go.
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