Accelerating digital transformation of your asset management business
Drive business efficiency and simplify your IT infrastructure

In today’s world, real estate asset managers need to consult a variety of systems as part of their day-to-day jobs. We believe in a simpler world where you can manage all your information on a single platform

Integration Services

Tower360 works with the rest of your internal systems through a series of integrations. Customers have reported significantly more value when they integrate other record systems with their asset management platform

Tower360 currently supports the following integrations:

Property management integrations
Tower360 supports the integration of a broad range of property management systems including SAP, Yardi, IX Haus, Immopac, BISONBOX, and others.
Single sign-on (SSO) and active directory integrations
Tower360 supports single SSO and active directory integration. This streamlines the user provisioning and deprovisioning process, and it allows users to access the Tower360 application with their corporate login credentials.
Website integrations
Tower360 integrates with your existing marketing (and asset) websites. This allows Tower360 to act as your content management system for availabilities.
Third-party applications and bespoke systems
Tower360’s architecture enables a rich set of APIs to satisfy other integration needs. These include, but are not limited to, CRM, facility management, data warehouse, and business intelligence integrations.
Our mapping service is already compatible with the following systems for seamless integrations for data exchange:
& many more…
Data Quality

Tower360 profiles your data and provides you with a visual drill-down of details to evaluate the quality of your data against a custom-defined threshold. Tower360 also cleans data using machine-learning-enabled methods and enriches it with external sources such as business identification, credit score information, and much more.

REST APIs and NoSQL Combination

Powered by the robust Microsoft Azure cloud platform, TOWER360 combines disparate data sources into one big data lake using Mongo DB, Elastic Search and MS SQL. Over 450+ modular APIs and Microservices architecture allow clients to customize their workflows and generate analytics while adding external data sources such as pricing, credit ratings, financials and much more!

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